#CantinaMeet Glasgow

What’s a #CantinaMeet? Well, it’s exactly the same as a #BeerMeet but it’s held on Star Wars day!

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What’s a #CantinaMeet? Well, it’s exactly the same as a #BeerMeet (see here…) but it’s held on Star Wars day!

Do I have to drink beer? No. Gin, wine, tea, coffee, coke or water. It’s all about the relaxed atmosphere. Like a better looking and better resourced staffroom. But with a bar and awesome food if you are hungry.

Is it sponsored? Will there be free food or drink? Nope. But if you come dressed up as a Star Wars character I promise to buy you a drink!

Who presents? What do you discuss? Everyone and whatever comes up. It’s completely non-threatening. Everyone’s been to the pub. They know how it works. It’s completely and utterly collaborative. Just like any trip to the pub, the conversation is free flowing. Anyone can join in at any point and the topic changes as naturally as normal.

Still interested? Please sign up below or just turn up on the night. We shall meet at the back of the pub next to the bottle store. Hope to see you there.

Athole McLauchlan (@athole)

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