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The STEM Glasgow team are organising their first ever TeachMeet event! We are asking for teachers and educators from all establishments across Glasgow and the West to come together to share good practice, practical innovations and personal insights into teaching STEM education.
Essentially, TeachMeets are unconferences which are organised by teachers, for teachers. They’re a grassroots, not for profit, movement which aims to make it easier for teachers to learn from each other. If this is your first time attending a ‘TeachMeet’, then first of all, thanks for joining us!

There are basically 3 options to consider if you want to come along:

  • Deliver a 7-minute ‘micro’ presentation
  • Deliver a 2-minute ‘nano’ presentation
  •  Be an observer by just coming along to see what’s happening

On the day, we’ll spin a (virtual) wheel and invite people to share in a random order. We’re pretty strict on time (there’s probably going to be an annoying buzzer), so make sure you choose an appropriate slot for your presentation.

We’ll be holding the event at The Lighthouse in Glasgow and there will be refreshments and an opportunity for you to network and chat with the other teachers.

So if you have all of that, just choose what type of ticket you want and we’ll see you on May the 31st!

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If you choose to deliver a 7 or 2 minute presentation please email any PowerPoints/Prezi/videos etc. and your chosen topic to Hannah Christie .

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