TeachMeet Connect

Do you TeachMeet?

There will be lots of different answers to that question. Some teachers will have been to many TeachMeets, others a few, some none at all. Maybe you’ve heard of TeachMeets but you’re not really sure what they are all about. Maybe you have run TeachMeets before and can offer your expertise or want to find out how to take things further. Either way, here’s the lowdown….

What Is a TeachMeet?

TeachMeets are a worldwide phenomenon, which have their roots in Scotland. Essentially, TeachMeets are unconferences, which are organised by teachers, for teachers. They’re a grassroots, not for profit, movement that aims to make it easier for teachers to learn from each other. You’ll find more information and the key TeachMeet principles here. TeachMeets are a fantastic way of connecting teachers and hearing about what’s going on in other people’s classrooms. A chance to be amazed, enthused and inspired by your colleagues and swap ideas, ask questions and generally spend time talking and thinking about what matters in education. Sound good? Read on…

Small But Mighty

TeachMeets are a fantastic form of professional development because they mean that teachers have committed to carving out a space amongst the busyness of school life to talk about and share practice. And good things often come in small packages. There can be a misconception that to be a TeachMeet, you need to have loads of people. Or an ultra-specific set of rules. You don’t. Half a dozen teachers each talking about what they do, or having a ‘show and tell’ session where they share something they have been working on, is a TeachMeet. When it comes to TeachMeets, size really doesn’t matter.

Because what matters is the sharing.

TeachMeet Connect

This year’s Scottish Learning Festival happens on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd September in Glasgow. To celebrate SLF16, we’ll be holding a TeachMeet and we want you to do the same!

TeachMeet Connect is an exciting opportunity for teachers from all over Scotland to get involved with TeachMeet and share what they do. So even if you can’t make it to SLF16, you can still be part of the action!

How To Get Involved

It’s simple! Organise your own TeachMeet on Wednesday 21st September. Size and structure of the event is up to you, but we’d ask you to be mindful of the key principles of TeachMeet so that we keep true to the TeachMeet vibe.

Never organised a TeachMeet before? No problem! You’ll be part of TeachMeet Connect, meaning we’ll provide you with a logo and space on the TeachMeet Scotland site to promote your event, as well as being on hand to answer any questions and generally support you. All you need to do is find a venue (and your school would be ideal!), round up some teachers and go for it! Timings are up to you- as long as it happens on 21st September. We’d like you to tweet to tell us how your event is going using #tmslf and we will work hard to showcase and share all the amazing things we hear from you!

So, who’s in?

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Why You Should Get Involved

TeachMeet belongs to you, the teachers of Scotland. Take it, embrace it, make it your own. Remember, just like Scotland, good things come in small packages; your TeachMeet doesn’t need to have hordes of people, it just needs you, your colleagues and a commitment to sharing. So, use TeachMeet Connect to carve out space for sharing what you do. Have confidence and pride in what you do and share it with others.

Amazing things happen when we step into the new- so take the initiative, organise your TMConnect and then sit back and watch the magic happen.

We’ll be right behind you.