TeachMeet FireStarter


“We cannot wait for great visions from great people, for they are in short supply. It is up to us to light our own small fires in the darkness.”

Charles Handy

Between 23rd and 30th January 2017, Workforce Scotland will be hosting and supporting the Fire Starter Festival, a week-long festival of collaborative learning events, illuminating creative, disruptive and innovative ways in which we can all transform ourselves, our organisations and the wider system.

Many people across Scotland are currently lighting their own small fires by exploring genuine, participatory methods of engagement, creating innovative and transformative changes.

There are many examples of creative and innovative practice in education and we want to share these during the Firestarter Festival. We hope that you will host a TeachMeet in your local area during the Fire Starter week. We want to create maps of small fires right across the country where teachers are sharing creative and innovative practice.

Perhaps you could think about how to make this TeachMeet a little more sparky than normal – hold it around a campfire, use your outdoor space and give everyone sparklers, use technology, find a creative or unexpected venue…Let your imagination fly, and do share in the comments so we can spread the good ideas!

So far we have…

To join the fun, sign up to attend one the events above or click here to register your event.

If you’re wanting to know more or ask any questions please email aileen@pedagoo.org

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